Thursday, March 21, 2013

Snow Games

I watched the beautiful children
Of whom I did not know
Playing, rolling, tumbling
In the freshly fallen snow

No one’s too old to play I say
On this day after all
Only themselves and the elements
Truly having a ball

Falling down then getting up
Making angels all around
Never hurts when pushed for fun
As you never touch the ground

Dressed in winter clothing
Purple red and blue
And the ice on my window sill
Glistens like morning dew

Running as they can
Doing to others as they bequeath
Shovel in hand to help them
As they bury one another beneath

Some huddle in a mass
Others lay flat out
Still a few play piggy back
And a couple swing about

A chill is in the air
No little hand refrains
Only if old man winter bites
Toes and noses to end snow games

Cheshire Cat Smile Moon

Alone in the nighttime sky
Sets a melancholy mood
Nowhere for you to hide
Have some constellations wooed

Jupiter begins to rise
Seem hanging from a thread
Down below as we sleep
Heavens never goes to bed

Just a yellow crescent smile
Cradled in a cosmic spoon
Holding on to night
Cheshire cat smile moon

Now your time has passed
Your reign is overdue
Time to settle down
Don’t let the morning catch you

In a planetary dance
Half your phase is ending soon
But you bask in twilight
Cheshire cat smile moon

Your smooth and swift descent
Barely move before my eyes
Like some trickery of light
As if you move the skies

I can barely see your glow
Out the sky you seem to drop
Just an eerie silhouette
Behind a building rooftop

Beam away answer the call
To an out of this world tune
In your orchestrated way
Cheshire cat smile moon

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time Clock

We are set by a time clock
The whole human race
We are placed in a box
With limited space

But the world is ever changing
And there’s just not enough
Room for technology
And material stuff

The time clock’s ticking louder
And there’s no more room
Some have to get out
While still in the womb

The time clock keeps ticking
At a terrible pace
It controls every moment
Without showing its face

It controls everybody
Every traffic light stop
And it flows like a river
And controls every drop

We are set by a time clock
And the alarm bell has sound
In our limited space
In a box all around

Time’s running out for some
And lives are unstable
Some have made use of it
And many are unable

The boxes are overflowing
As they burst at the seams
Along with hope
And many a dream

It’s a matter of time
When dwellers will wilt
For time gives some power
And more boxes are built

But technology’s gaining
And has soared like a stock
But nothing can stop it
The inevitable time clock

On The Cusp of An Eclipse

A start to a beautiful day
Sounds of a spring are alive
I sit through a brilliant sun ray
Alas at six forty five

A planetary lineup
Has me in its grip
The sun sank behind the building
On this day of an eclipse

What more can I ask
As birds soar across my view
Spiraling through the air
That’s something I would do

Preparing for the evening sunset
Watching birds of wing
Like a beautiful felt heart song
That’s all that I can sing

Quiet Sunday evening
Children playing down below
I cannot see the wind at all
But I can certainly hear it blow

Nostalgia fills my living room
Haze in the distance recalls
Memories of last summer
Evening paints my walls

I cannot see the wonder
Only express it from my lips
Only witnessing the starting point
On the cusp on an eclipse
Here Again

Here again from where I knew when
Can’t believe it begins and then
Heaven must have heard when I
Called your name you fell from the sky
I can feel the rush of your wind
Through my mind my head starts to spin
Who would have known things happen fast
How things could be that was in the past

My heart’s now well sings starts to play
Just one note keeps the doctor away
Here again I think I can ask
Just one more day for this I can task

A plane writing things in the sky
Is it just for me to just catch my eye
Strange feeling feels out of sight
A cloud reveals things going right

Here again and since you came
Then again will I be the same
I have to know if you’re here to stay
Being here again this way